Tuesday, July 21, 2020

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Virtual Visits - Assemblies, Writing Workshops, Private Bookings, & more!

DARREN SARDELLI – The Funniest Poet in School

Assemblies and Workshops with Darren Sardelli
are better than doughnuts with strawberry jelly.
They’re funny, engaging, exciting, and fun.
They’ll brighten your day like the light from the sun.
The poems he has written are truly delightful.
They’re upbeat, refreshing, and deeply insightful.
His words are amazing. His tales are terrific.
His work is outstanding. His voice is prolific.
His meter is brilliant. His verse is impressive.
His mind is creative. His thoughts are expressive.
He has a great talent. He knows how to show it.
You’ll learn a great deal from this valuable poet.

There’s no one like Darren— you won’t find another!
* The views in this poem were expressed by his mother.

If you’re interested in a visit, please email Darren at LaughAlotPoetry@gmail.com